5 Hawkings = advancing support for ALS survivors.

4 Hawkings = very supportive to ALS survivors.

3 Hawkings = mediocre assistance to ALS survivors.


2 Hawkings = misleading or unhelpful support or lack of support for ALS survivors.

1 Hawkings = hurting/destructive activities for ALS survivors.

Answer ALS

Answer ALS Guarantees it will "cure ALS in 5–10 years" and this video was made in 2015. There has been no evidence of such claims. Answer ALS in the video focuses on "alleviating symptoms," but the most powerful and damanging symptom is Frontal Temporal Dementia and there has been no work or mention of this.

Dr. Rory Popovich responds

Dear Michael, Sorry about the confusion. The Answer ALS study is a global mutli-center project designed to explore and ultimately stop ALS. The website for the study is here: The study looks into a variety of endpoints including: genetics, iPS cells, longitudinal data of vitals, quality of life, symptom development, and more. All research guidelines are in adherence with FDA and the ICH (International Conference of Harmonization) regulations, as well as all local and institutional requirements. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Sincerely, Rory